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Activation Paintings

Unlock New Energy

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Custom Activation

Connect deeper with a custom art piece. Through my meditation process, I connect with your energy and paint you a custom landscape to activate whatever it is your energy is needing. Each painting comes with a 30-minute energetic reading and custom rituals you can pair with your unique artwork.

What People Are Saying

Thank you so much for the beautiful activation painting! When I saw it, I felt so connected to it, and then when we had our call afterward it really just confirmed everything I was feeling and the current place I'm in at this point in life. Your reading on my energy was spot on and I felt so seen. It was a gorgeous experience and I'm so grateful for it and for your magic. I received the piece in the mail today and immediately put it above my altar. 


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Collective Paintings

-Launching Soon-

I will be offering collective paintings. These do not include an energy reading, but are collective energy paintings. Each painting will only have 8 prints each.

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