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Cracks in the Foundation

What happens when you start to notice what is no longer working

You are on your path to obtaining everything you need in life. The house. The family.

The career. You’ve found your routine and you stick with it, knowing that you are doing everything you are meant to. You wake up every day, drink your coffee, go to work for eight hours, drive home, cook dinner, relax in front of the TV or at a bar with friends. You have your narrow path on the way to success. This is what life is.

But, something is off.

You don’t notice it at first. The dissatisfaction. The things that were supposed to make you feel like you’ve made it, just don’t. You notice everyone around you seems to be complaining about the rut they’re in, even though they all seem to be doing the same as you. You start to wonder if the path you’re on is what you truly wanted, or maybe, it was just what you were taught you needed.

You notice how you speak about yourself and to others. You feel guilty when you complain about that same rut, that same vacant feeling that no one seems to have a grasp on. This is what life is supposed to be, isn’t it? You realized you speak from a place of lack. You need this car. this promotion. this house. And then you’ll really make it. Never fully finished in your journey of attainment. The things you buy only seem to reinforce that feeling. Maybe if you buy their product, you’ll finally find that thing, that missing piece that will tell you you’ve made it.

Do I even know myself? You ask. The beliefs you held for so long don’t seem to be fitting perfectly anymore; maybe they never were. Your questions grow and creep in throughout your routine. The routine that was supposed to get you where you needed to be.

Who you needed to be.

It starts to feel like the world is crumbling and you don’t know who you are, what you’re doing or even why you are doing the things that you are. It feels overwhelming. Isolating. You’re afraid of going deeper and ruining your crafted plan to that achievement you thought was for you, but you know that you can’t go back to the daily experience of living in a rut and trying to drown out the voice that is asking you who you really are, who you truly want to be.

That is cracks in the foundation.

Welcome to Your Activation

I began this podcast as a way to express those feelings. Those experiences ripped the rose-colored glasses off and showed me what I had been missing. I wanted to crack wide open and see the truth, that almighty Truth, that it seems all humans have the affinity for. Something I think we’ve tried to shut down over the years.

Maybe you’ve only scratched the surface of that nagging voice that tells you that this isn’t right. What isn’t right? That’s what I’ll be diving into each week.

Each week, I’ll be offering a subtle perspective shift around topics like identity, shadow, and self-love. To step into a new experience, we have to crack open our deep foundations, let them fall away so we can rebuild.

This doesn’t have to be a scary thing either. I dove head-first into this because I couldn’t stop, I needed to understand fully. But, I also discovered how to move through these activations with grace. With the podcast, I’ve started a newsletter where I will be sending journal prompts and action steps for subtle activations. To help you move through this work with ease.

The first episode this season, I am talking about my view on identity and about the energetics of focus. If you’d like to read instead of listen, the article will be coming next week.

It’s so easy to feel isolated and completely alone when you are shifting your beliefs, but it doesn’t need to be. And that’s my goal with this project: to build a community of those moving through activations. To champion each other and help guide each other into their most authentic versions of self.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to facilitate those shifts and to be a part of your journey.

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