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What the F*ck is Human Design?

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Astrology, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs; it seems there are a lot of systems out there with the intention of telling us who we are.

And now you can add Human Design to the list.

Just kidding. Kind of.

You can most certainly get a free chart on Jovian Archive and start looking up what it means to be a Generator or a Projector, but there is SO much information in Human Design that 1) it will completely overwhelm you and 2) it will make absolutely no sense.

I like to use Human Design as an introspection toolkit. It offers me insight on how energy might show up for me and a strategy that is best for me to interact with that energy. It essentially is a magnifying glass that helps me understand the patterns that keep popping up in my life and ways to create a game plan on how to best deal with said patterns.

So What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system channeled by Ra Uru Hu. It is a blend of astrology, the I-Ching, Kabbalah and Vedic philosophy.

The empirical system holds insights to your personality, emotions and energy centers.

Yes you still put in your date, time and location of birth. But, it goes much deeper than that. It also takes account 88 days before you were born, offering more exploration into what makes you you.

And when we start to play with these insights and find ways to incorporate shifts for better alignment, we will (hopefully) end up feeling our Signature. The Signature is a sensation that occurs when we are in that alignment. Everyone has one: peace, satisfaction, success, or surprise.

In all of the hoopla that is HD, there are two main things to focus on when we first look at our chart. Energy type and authority.

Energy Type

There are five energy types in the HD system - Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector and Reflector. What your energy type does is describe the unique expression of your energy and how you interact with life. Ya know, sleeping, eating, shitting, etc.

When we optimize this energy knowledge, we will feel one of those signature sensations. When we don't optimize we might feel this sensation called the "Not-Self." A generator, for example, will feel satisfaction when in alignment, and frustration when they're not.

Each energy type also shows what strategy to best experience life. Manifestors are here "to inform," or start things. They are essentially the domino setters in the game of life. But, Generators and Man Gen's are here to respond to what is presented, and Projectors are here to wait for an invitation. If you're like me and asking "what the hell is the difference?" Generators have a infinite battery supply of energy for what lights them up, where Projectors have an ebb and flow that only lasts about 4-5 hours a day. Reflectors are also non-energy beings like Projectors and are here to reflect back the energy they experience. The true mirrors of the Universe.

All of this helps us understand why some of us can work 12 hours on a project we get really excited about while others need time to rest and will easily get burnt out if they aren't in alignment with their energy type.


The other focus is our Authority. This is how we make decisions. When looking at your chart, you'll see the energy centers (the shapes in your graph). The energy centers that are defined (filled in) are the centers from which we make our decisions.

If you're a Generator, you'll have a defined Sacral, where all that energy comes from. And so you'll either be a Sacral Authority or an Emotional Authority.

Let me back up a bit.

Have you ever experienced a little hit of intuition in your day? Where you're asked a question and you'll have an immediate response bubble up? Or you'll feel an emotion swell up in you, or have an inner knowing?

We all have intuition, but we all have a personal and unique way of experiencing it.

An Emotional Authority needs to ride that wave before saying yes or no to something where a Sacral Authority will have an immediate gut response to things.

Splenic Authority has "inner knowings," as if a voice is just speaking to you (not in the creepy way).

Ego Authority is the epitome of "follow your heart's desire." You'll have this feeling in your chest as if it is pulling you into that direction.

G-Center Authority is a bit different. You don't inward to get your answer, you speak it out. You discuss. Similarly the Mental Authority is about observing your environment, receiving feedback and then making a decision.

Lastly, there is No Inner Authority, who make their decisions best with the lunar cycle.

But, Does this Matter?

I didn't want to go into too much detail with energy type and authority, because it can get overwhelming, very quickly.

But, when you have your chart up and working with someone, it opens a portal into yourself.

The way I like to use Human Design is a tool to investigate your being and desires to help point you in the direction your energy needs to be focused. When we use something like Human Design, or Astrology, we're opening ourselves up to asking questions we might not have been open to before.

That's why I always offer personalized journal prompts with every reading; to help you dig deeper.

Even if you never touch a Human Design chart, take note of your energy. Without looking at your chart, what do you feel is your Signature sensation? It doesn't even need to be the ones we described. And then ask yourself what your Not-Self sensation is?

That question alone can shift your entire perspective. Connecting with your Not-Self theme can offer you so much insight into what is no longer aligned for you. Where you might want to expand and shift. What you are ready to leave behind.

Human Design won't predict the future. It won't tell you who you'll become or the kind of people you'll meet. But it will offer a way to analyze aspects to assist you in changing habits and outlooks to lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

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